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The Trifecta With TriBella™

Re3 Healing Aesthetics and Wellness in Sarasota offers the TriBella™ three in one facial treatment from Venus Versa! This is an intense, non-invasive solution that gives highly visible results.  The best candidates are those noticing the signs of aging such as skin laxity or anyone with tone and texture issues either from sun damage or acne scarring. The procedure is very stimulating to the skin and depending on the level of correction desired, some experience mild discomfort.  Immediately after the treatment, the skin may feel warm similar to a sunburn and can remain pink to red for up to 3 days.  The TriBella™ treatment is a favorite at Re3 Healing Aesthetics and Wellness because it is a multi-tasking procedure that corrects discoloration, texture, sun damage as well as helping to diminish fine lines and wrinkles, all while firming the skin.

TriBella™ is a big treatment, so if your are wanting total skin rejuvenation, this is the procedure for you!  Each session is about one and a half hours long, with three recommended, a month apart. The first step of this power house treatment is the Photofacial with Intense Pulse Light which lightens and tightens.  The second step is using the Venus Versa advanced technology of MP2 (RF and PEMF combined) for tightening. The last part of the treatment is the most intense. It's skin resurfacing with the NanoFractional RF applicator which delivers energy deep into the skin. This is similar to microneeling but the spot size is much larger and Radio Frequency is delivered through the finest pin electrodes deeper into the layers of the skin. This final step creates a perceived injury in the layers beneath the surface of the skin, inflammation occurs, the healing process begins and Viola! New collagen as well as elastin is produced providing our skin with renewed plumpness and resilience!

Call Re3 Healing Aesthetics and Wellness in Sarasota for this total skin rejuvenation treatment from Venus Versa. You can't go wrong with this trifecta called Tribella from Venus Versa. Call 941-893-4688 now to book your complimentary consulation.

Katlyn Doyle Administrative Assistant

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